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Dennis Beaver

Dennis Beaver

Today’s story will be of special interest to anyone who is tired of so many news broadcasts that are politically biased and want a different–and possibly more objective–view of the news from sources outside of the United States.

But more than that, college students who are studying foreign language but are stuck with remote learning and want real exposure to the language will find an answer to their needs, or music lovers who want to hear FM quality broadcasts from all over the world. And not to forget voices from home as just about any city that has a radio station is also streaming online.

I am talking about Internet Radio–that might even look like a clock radio–and if you have not heard of it, but are a radio fan, then there is literally a world out there of news, information, music and entertainment easily within reach.

For older readers, I’ll bet what just came to mind was shortwave radio, and that’s a good comparison. Before radio was streamed over the net–beginning in the early 1990’s–the only way to listen to foreign broadcasts was by shortwave, and clear reception depended on undependable sun spot activity. Today, shortwave is mostly a thing of the past.

Now, with an internet connection, Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, and with the right radio, you will have access to over 100,000 internet radio stations.

Do your homework 

But shopping for an internet radio–and not winding up disappointed–requires doing your homework, as I learned from Greg Fadul, CEO and co-founder of San Diego-based Grace Digital Corporation. His company holds a commanding 75% of the U.S. market for internet radios and related products.

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