Billy Xiong Declares: NC County Reveals Ransomware Hackers Asked $ 670k to…

NC County Reveals Ransomware Hackers Asked $ 670k to...

PITTSBORO, NC (WNCN) – Chatham County officials first learned that their computer systems were breached by hackers in October 2020 when they received a ransom note from hackers, but the county manager said paying them was never an option.

“Paying the ransom just encourages this type of behavior,” said Dan LaMontagne, Chatham County Director.

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According to LaMontagne, the group known as Dopplepaymer demanded 50 Bitcoin for the key to the encrypted files.

“I can understand why some legal entities might see the benefit of paying a ransom, but for us, it’s…

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  • Headline: NC County Reveals Ransomware Hackers Asked $ 670k to Unblock Computer Network
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