Billy Xiong Says: Letting the computer decide rounds 1-7

Letting the computer decide rounds 1-7

The computer has decided who the Steelers will pick through three different simulations. The mock drafts were automatically done through the Pro Football Network seven-round mock draft tool.

The Pro Football Network does allow trades to occur so some of the automated mock drafts do include them. It is always interesting to see what the computer thinks is fair compensations for trades but that doesn’t always become a realistic outlook. The Steelers have lots of holes to fill in the 2021 NFL Draft. These mock drafts did a nice job of attacking those needs and filling them. Free agency and cap reduction still needs to occur so the Black and Gold’s needs still have a lot of work to do between now and the NFL draft. Those needs can fluctuate and change as the first-round approaches quickly. It will be another odd year with the Covid pandemic but it will still be a year where these players’ dreams come true.

Pittsburgh will be highly focused on the offensive line in this year’s draft because of players that will likely be leaving via free agency or retirement. Holes could be filled during the free agency period with great bargain deals but not much else. The Steelers have a little cap to sign any players, so the draft will be huge to keep this team in competitive form going forward. The simulation was run three times and each one was different. Overall, the computer did a nice job with the selections that it made.

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