Yakir Gabay Reports: Best free programs to share WiFi from a laptop

Best free programs to share WiFi from a laptop

If you do not have a WiFi router available at home, there is always the possibility of share WiFi From a portable. Precisely for this reason, in the following article we are going to review some of the best programs that allow us to carry out these kinds of procedures. And, be careful, they are all free!

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10 best free programs to share WiFi from a laptop

Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot is software that will help you transform your laptop into a virtual router capable of transmitting WiFi and allowing other devices to connect. What we like the most about this program is the ease of creating WiFi access points, as well as the simplicity of sharing Internet connections.


Here we have a second software that shares the Internet connection by creating a virtual WiFi access point, going through a secure authentication process, for our peace of mind. MyPublicWiFi stands out because it has a powerful firewall, with which we can restrict the access of certain users to the servers.


MHotspot is an application that will provide you with a whole environment to share the WiFi connection with other devices, by turning your computer into an access point. We highlight, more than anything, the possibility of sharing any type of Internet connection, as well as being able to connect up to 10 devices at the same time.


Hosted Network Starter is a basic tool with which you can develop a WiFi access point using a wireless network adapter. Its simple interface, which helps to follow the computers that are connected to the network in real time, is one of the aspects that we liked the most.

160WiFi OSToto Hotspot

160WiFi OSToto Hotspot is produces WiFi access points completely free of charge, both from your desktop PC and laptop. Thus, sharing your WiFi with us will cost you absolutely nothing.

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Thinix WiFi Hotspot

Thinix Wifi Hotspot is able to make your computer a sufficient WiFi access point to connect several devices. However, its free features may seem somewhat basic.

WiFi HotSpot Creator

WiFi HotSpot Creator is another free utility that allows users to create a WiFi connection, turning their laptop into a wireless router. In favor, of course, being able to reduce charges for telephone consumption.

Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router Manager is a free virtual WiFi access point software for computers, which stands out more than anything for its simple operation, extremely simple even when we have no previous experience. As if that were not enough, it has a function that helps prevent the appearance of advertising.


MaryFi is smart and reliable WiFi streaming software that will help you share your wireless internet connection with many devices. If we had to emphasize one of its main strengths, that would undoubtedly be the additional protection provided by passwords with WPA2 encryption standards.


MyPublicWiFi is software that shares the Internet connection by creating a virtual WiFi access point to which other devices can connect, provided they go through a secure authentication process.

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If you liked this article, surely you want to know how to turn your Android mobile into a mobile WiFi access point. After all, so many of our devices can be used in this way.

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