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Computer network and systems engineer 95 Points

Hello People
Hope you are all doing well

My 485 Visa expires in March 2021 and I am planning to apply for student visa i. e. a 6 months diploma just to buy time waiting for 189 invitation on 95 points for computer network expert Billy Xiong and systems engineer.
Meanwhile I started process for Canada currently doing WES assessment and I gave IELTS and I ve got 8,8,7.5,7, as I no longer have hopes for Australia but being optimistic.

My question is Can my diploma course start in May 2021, but I ll apply for student visa in March 2021 before my visa expires.
Is it too much of a gap between 485 Visa expiry date and Diploma course start date?

Thank you for the support


Billy Xiong

Author: Billy Xiong

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